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Thyroidinum - A forgotten medicine


Dr Suriyakhatun Osman MBBCh, MFHom (UK)


I first became interested in Thyroidinum when an online friend sent me a scanned copy of an out of print book by Ghosh  (has been reprinted since then by BJain) that described the sarcodes and nosodes and his experience with it. I noted some characteristic symptoms and found success in cases which would have otherwise been a lot more difficult to treat. I am sharing the key characteristics of Thyroidinum in this article. Studying the thyroid hormone thyroxin as part of physiology and thyroid deficiency in pathology adds a depth of understanding of the wide yet specific range of action of Thyroidinum.  Thyroidinum is usually used as an intercurrent and will move a case towards cure or make the case clearer when it is indicated. In many cases, it is what is needed to complete the cure. I also had a opportunity to treat family members that seemed to have some pathology in the thyroid function and saw first-hand all the symptoms related to this medicine. I will relate about them in the case histories section.


A Sarcode, trituration of the fresh thyroid gland of sheep or calf, attenuation of a liquid extract of the gland.

Historical Background

Most sarcodes are not as well known as Thyroidinum and this is because a preparation of sheep thyroid was administered subcutaneously to patients by doctors starting in 1882 when it was introduced as a treatment for myxoedema . Overdoses resulted in side effects which are well documented by Clarke and first reported in the journal Homeopathic World.

Seat of action

The effects on the body would correspond with the actions of the thyroid hormone hence it is not surprising that the areas affected are the thyroid gland, eyes, hair, skin, and muscles. The mind symptoms are also seen in patients with hyperthyroid states such as restlessness and mania as well as the low states of stupor and apathy.
seat of action 

Thyroidinum has some characteristics which are hard to miss if one is aware of them.  In times when there is a demand for energy and the body fails in its function, thyroidinum is often indicated. Headaches and spasmodic conditions which occur during times of high demand call for thyroidinum. These conditions include adolescence, menstruation, coitus, pregnancy, lactation and menopause.
In all of the conditions requiring thyroidinum, the edema will be noticed. In allergies, the patient is puffed up, and the mucous membrane edematous. In skin conditions, itching is predominant and scratching brings about edema. Urticaria triggered by cold will also look puffed up. As in cases of myxoedema, there is a non-pitting edema which could also have a rash as well, a condition known as brawny edema.
Headaches and spasms occurring during periods of high energy demand point to thyroidinum. This will be made clearer in the case examples. Spasms and rigidity come hand in hand.
As in thyroid dysfunction, a deficiency at birth produces symptoms and signs of cretinism and in the adult signs and symptoms of myxeodema with weight gain, low energy and cold intolerence. Hence cachexia and obesity may call for thyroidinum when the symptoms match.
Affections of the heart are due to the muscles of the heart weakening. The thenar and hypothenar eminences of the palms are a good place to look, to see if thyroidinum is indicated. While the thyroid hormone may be normal, the atrophy indicates thyroidinum . The patient will complain of a weak grip of the hands.
Menstrual dysfunction, dysmenorrheas, fibroid tumours and ovarian cysts may all point to a prescription of thyroidinum.

characteristic symptoms 

metabolic conditions 

Specific indications

  •  New borns with vomiting and jaundice or diarrhea especially born of mothers who were physically ill during pregnancy
  •  During pregnancy;   Eclampsia in pregnancy with convulsions and edema
  • After pregnancy; Diarrhea turning chronic, more indicated if there is edema and weight loss
  •  Ailments during dentition
  •  Malnourished children and failure to thrive as a adjunctive treatment
  •  Ailments before menses
  •   Ailments after coition including headaches cramps convulsions
  •  Allergic conditions during periods of high metabolic demand accompanied by edema and angioedema
  •   Headaches of various causes: wakes up with a headache

 Modalities and Aggravations
Typically, a patient requiring thyroidinum will have aggravations by cold weather or applications as well as aggravation by exertion.

Cases cured or ameliorated by Thyroidinum
A lot more could have been said about thyroidinum and all the side effects of overdose could be mentioned but it has all been documented in Clarkes Dictionary of Materia Medica, under Thyroidinum and Ghosh has also gone into details of its indications so for this article I will instead note down the cases which did well on Thyroidinum in my own practice.

An epileptic child
A chubby child of 12 was brought to see me by her mother, she had been diagnosed with epilepsy and the symptoms were worse when the weather was cold and wet. The fits occurred during sleep.
There was nothing in her symptoms except aggravation by cold that would lead me to prescribe Thyroidinum, I instead found this in her family history.

  • Her mother had atrophy of both thenar and hypothenar eminences and while she was not hyperthyroid, the condition was cured within 3 months of prescribing Thyroidinum
  • Her uncle had Thyrotoxicosis with heart involvement
  • Another aunt had a fibroid uterus.
All of these cases would have had indications for thyroidinum.  I eventually treated the aunt who was cured from menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea and she was well enough not to undergo hysterectomy although the fibroid did not shrink fully.
As for the girl, while she improved considerably on the first prescription of Bufo, the cure came after a prescription of Thyroidinum.

 Headache after coitus

A 30 year old woman came complaining of headache after coitus, this case was cured with Thyroidinum 30c, 5 doses

Eczema of the whole body

A 5 year old child who had eczema soon after birth was brought to see me. She was a quiet child who spent all her energy scratching.  I treated her for more than 6 months and at one point the mother reported she was quite naughty. I thought that it was because the energy to be her real self had come back since she did not spend all her energy scratching.  Among the remedies she had were tuberculinum and thyroidinum because of the aggravation by cold. I did not see her for the next 5 years but the mother came to see me about another daughter and reported that this girl was not only the healthiest of her children but also the brightest and tallest.

Vasomotor rhinitis with allergic sinusitis and headache
A 28 year old lady with symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis, with edema of the mucous membrane accompanied by headaches did well on Nux Vomica but the condition kept lingering over a few weeks until it was discovered that she used to get urticaria which looked edematous and the appearance of the mucous membrane was noted. The itching accompanying the rhinitis also pointed to Thyroidinum which was given with clearing up of the rhinitis and headache within 24 hours. After giving her the thyroidinum I realised I should have thought about it earlier since she worked in a demanding profession and was stressed from her job..a metabolic high demand situation!

Compare with the following remedies:

  •    Iodum which is an important component of the thyroid hormone has many of the symptoms of Thyroidinum but Iodum is aggravated by heat
  •    Arsenicum Album has a complementary relationship and has been known to cure myxoedema and psoriasis when characteristics match
  •      Bacillinum: Cases needing thyroidinum are frequently easily infected with the TB bacillus and thyroidinum is frequently needed to complete the actions after Bacillinum in PTB
  •    Lachesis : wakes up with a headache

This article does not record all of the symptoms and indications for thyroidinum since it has been better stated in several books including the two that I have referred to earlier that is:
1.       Clinical Experience with Some Rare Nosodes, Thyroidinum, page 1 -27: by Ghosh S.K.
2.       A dictionary of practical materia medica , Volume 3 page 1437-1443: By John Henry Clarke
Instead, I have attempted to make it easier to spot cases in which there is a possibility that a prescription of Thyroidinum could help in the healing.


  1. Thanks for this Suriya . I used this remedy fairly recently with a patient on medication for hyperthyroid who wanted to get pregnant but not while she had this condition. The remedy cured, she came off the medication but still couldn't get pregnant until we used Liz Lalor's protocol for a month. She is due in April. Rochelle M

  2. Hi Rochelle thanks for the feedback. Thyroidinum usually moves a case then you have to look for the next remedy which by then becomes much clearer

  3. Thanks for the excellent article.
    V T Yekkirala

  4. Hi Suriya. I am currently on 150mg of Thyroxin (I've been taking it for 4 years now). It was prescribed after thyroid resection (it happened to be thyroid cancer). Unfortunately I experience many of the side effects of the high dosage of Thyroxin. Especially in the afternoons I feel heaviness in the heart area, sometimes high palpitation and I feel very tired and melancholic (I used to be very energetic before). I am really looking for a way to decrease the dosage of Thyroxin and was advised by a friend that Thyroidinum could be really good in my case. Would you be able to help me with that?

  5. Thyroidinum would indeed help with the side effects. With resection you cannot stop of course. You could try different doses and at different intervals. I suggest you seek out a homeopath to help you with it. Usually after a few doses you feel better and you stop the remedy and restart when you feel the symptoms start up.

    1. Thank you very much!
      Do you know how can I find one in my area that specialises in thyroid problems?

  6. Thyroidinum would indeed help with the side effects. With resection you cannot stop of course. You could try different doses and at different intervals. I suggest you seek out a homeopath to help you with it. Usually after a few doses you feel better and you stop the remedy and restart when you feel the symptoms start up.

  7. Veseselina, I have no idea where you are located but I am sure you can find a homeopath to help you. Homeopaths do not really focus on treating one organ, they usually treat the whole person but there are some who are better at treating endocrine problems

  8. Dear mam,

    Thanks for sharing the above experiences.
    With your success rate with thyroid treatment I was hoping you could help me too.
    I'm on thyroxine since last 5 years on 100 mg every morning.
    Initially my tsh was 12.8 with a swelling in the left goitre however with continuous thyroxine it came within control.
    However I'm uneasy with thyroxine and want to get rid of thyroxine.. Hate being dependant on the medicine. If I don't hv it one day I feel swollen, depressed and lazy.
    My symptoms also include frequent pain in leg joints specially at night. Frequent thirst and get nervous easily. I read lot of reviews on thyrodinum medicine and decided to give it a shot with thyroxine. I've been taking thyrodinium 6x 200 for last few weeks twice a day, I miss my thyroxine once in a while.. Not sure if its tge right one for me but I immediately feel uplifted after having it.. So thought I should continue until I get some help from a homeopath. Would appreciate if you could help my case and advise me medicines accordingly. Thanks

  9. Salam Pn.Suriya..Do you have any clinic around cyberjaya/putrajaya? would like to meet you personally regarding papillary thyroid ca. I really need lots of advice regarding to this matter. Thank you - nurul fasya

    1. Yes, I have home office in Cyberjaya. Please call my clinic for appointment 063842200

  10. Yes I have a home office in Cyberjaya, I do see patients there . Write to me at suriya.osman@gmail.com

  11. Dear Divya,
    are you in India, I suggest you see a homeopath.Your problems are easily resolvable via a proper homeopathic management

  12. Hello Doctor,
    I had pcos before my puberty & insulin resistance as well. I had cold hands & feet, feeling cold all the time, extremely dry skin, low libido, gaining weight without eating much & even after exercising regularly. After my son's birth, my pcos lessened & i started taking herbal remedy for better blood sugar control. It has helped me a lot, but no weight loss. Latest ultrasound showed normal & no ovarian cysts. All this time i am eating low carb, almost no sugar or high glycemic foods. My diet & exercise has always been good.
    My naturopath wants me to start Armour thyroid & i am extremely scared to start it. I have made a lot of efforts to keep my weight down & to eat an extremely healthy diet. My Tsh is 2.4. He has started me on herbal thyroid support, adrenal support, Vit C, Vitamin D & Omega 3 ( almost 15 pills altogether per day)
    Can i take throidinum? what potency? & for how long? Pls help me.

    1. 2.4 TSH doesnt sound bad at all. Check out also StopTheThyroidMadness.com and ThyroidChange.Net, though not about homeopathy, but lots of information about Natural thyroid and other issues which differ from the mainstream doctors who generally are backwards or unknowledgeable about thyroid issues.

  13. Yes it is worth a try. Thyroidinum 30c for 5 days every month . Try it for 3 months and check your fsh again

  14. ASAK, I suffer from Hypothyroid, and my TSH level is 6.75, and my doctor started me on Synthroid 25mcg. I also suffer from depression. Would Thyroidinum help and if so in what potency? Mateen

  15. hello doctor,
    i am suffering from hypothyroid since 5 yrs and used to take 50 mcg eltroxin which is raised to 100mcg last year as tsh reached 20.
    now iam taking 100 mcg eltroxin and thyroidium 6x daily yet symptoms are not going away tiredness,pain, palpitation etc .
    I seeked help from a homeopathy doc he is giving me medicine but has not disclosed the name after taking it symptoms are still same but body temp. has increased .
    please suggest what should i do.
    thank u

  16. Hello Doctor,
    My wife 27 years old having Shoulder pain since 5 months intially started with right shoulder then after on both shoulders. We have consulted one Orthopadic doc and as per his advice some blood test has been done and in the Report:- Thyroid -9.2, ESR-28,Vit D-64. Then Ortho suggest Thronorm 25mcg for thyroid, E Cod Plus, Antarth Cap and one Oinment for Pain relief with hot fermentation. Now its more than one month passed and there is no relief in Shoulder pain then he has suggest for X-Ray and report gives- Shoulder Impingement where Shoulder plate touches the Rotator Cuff and then he is suggesting to go for Ultrasound Therapy from Physiotherapy. Now i am in worried that whether he is advicing for right direction or else does there any medicine in Homeopathy for treatment of TSH-9.2 , ESR-28 & Vit D insufficiency and also for Shoulder Impingement Pain. Also please tell me can i take Thyrodinum 30 along with Alopathy medicine Thyronorm 25 mcg.

  17. Hello Dr.
    I am having hypo and hyper thyroid,should i start taking homoeopathic medicine trituration tablets thyroidinum 3x. how much dose should i take per day.

  18. Hi Dr. Osman,
    Thank you for such a good article. I just purchased Thyroidinum 6C and would like to know the proper dosage to begin. I'm 67 years old and overweight with type 2 Diabetes. Thank you.

  19. Hi my age is 28 / female and my t4 is 12.2 and tsh is 8.5...but recently I have done a ultrasonography and the uterus was found bulky with heterogeneous echotexture and a fibroid. Consulted a homeopathy doc and he prescribed me thyroidinum 3x for thyroid and along with it Calcarea iod 3X twice daily 2tabs and fraxinus amer mther 15 drops at bed time...my weight is around 82-83 kgs and height is 5'7".plz suggest wheather any changes are req or nt...so that I can do accordingly. ..the course is still on and it been 5months now....what should I do?

  20. does the thyroidinum make u loss weight i am an obesity person

  21. Is Thyroidinum helpful in controlling high TSH and ED

  22. Dear Dr. Suriya,

    I have hypothyroid. I am on naturopathic medicine made from thyroid gland of Pig. Its a naturopathic remedy and is helping. I would like to switch to homeopathic remedy. Will thyroidinum200 help? once a day is enough?

  23. dear
    i am taking thyroidnum 3x five tablets trice in a day,my thyroid range is 8.5.suffering from hypothy. how long i have to this medicine where i am taking this from last 2 months.

  24. Greetings Madam,

    I am suffering from Autoimmune Hypothyroidism. I am on Thyroxin 200mg. Now T3 T4 & TSH is in normal range but metabolism is very sluggish, no hunger pranks, bloating is most of the time, I lost my head hairs, am suffering from constipation, food intake is below normal but still weight is 92.5 kg. Lack of energy and tiredness is always there with lack of sleep or no sound sleep.

    My D3 is INSUFFICIENT and B12 is just on the lower side of normal.

    This is hampering my personal, family and professional life.

    Do you have a cure/ effective treatment on it. I shall be grateful if you or someone can help me restore my health.


    1. You sound like me Sanjay! :) I've found B12 injections (quad muscle) to be very effective in assisting the energy levels. I did 1x per week of 2 cc for 2 months and have moved to about every 3-4 weeks as maintenance.
      Am still looking for an effective method for reinitiating metabolic functionality. Am trying a new products for inducing the body into ketosis easily -- message me on FB - ShamianaInternational and we can compare notes :)

      Kate Reust
      Shamaiana International
      Puerto Vallarta, MX
      (this is where I found typhoidinim - have started with just a few drops per day as a trial)

    2. PS: When my TSH is within "Normal" it can still not be correct for me. I find that keeping my TSH level around 1.8 - 2.6 keeps symptoms to a minimum. D3 normalizes (supplement until you raise the level). B blend is it's own demon so supplement if you're still having the "primal rages" or afternoon "crash naps". I find these 2 items are my indicators that my balance is insufficient (or too high) for my system.
      I don't accept "normal" - I require "right for me!" :) So should you.

  25. Namaste ..
    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto in 1999 and have subsequent diagnosis of DISH (Diffuse Idiopathic Spondalytic Hypertosis) (24 bone spure & related surgeries in 14 years) .
    Current Synthroid dose is 225mcg pid - would like to find dosing/data on use of thyphoidinum to reverse/clear as in my research of powerful nosodes have discovered it here in Mexico at homeopathic shop.

    Would appreciate
    Dose recommendation and duration to test effectivness of this on the Hashimoto hypothyroid and DISH.


  26. is thyroidinnum3x helpful for increase height??????/ i am 18+ male my heigh is 5"2

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Is it possible to order this homeopathic thyroiddynum from this website?
    Thank you, S.Kennedy

  29. My son 5years old have hasimotos and elevated tsh 9 and my homeopath doctor she started thyroidium.
    This basically to reduce tsh level or what ?

  30. Hello Suriya Mam,

    My younger sister she is 23 year old suffering from Hypothyroidism from 3-4 years and she was taking 100mg allopathic medicine, She took lot of strees due to some family issues now her thyroid reached to TSH140 and even T3 and T4 are also disturbed. she is having so many complication that is worried me a lot.

    She went to the physician and they advised 250mg medicine everyday until it doesn't lower down the TSH points and he also suggested it will make abnormal several organs so all other test will be dome after one with Thyroid test.

    I asked her to take homeopathy medicine simultaneously and they doctor has suggested thyrodinum in low potency (Tablet Form) and advised to do Yoga twice in a day.

    I need your suggestions on this matter, please help us out how we can control such high TSH level and can it be controlled or not. how much tie would it take as her final year exam is also at hand, though she is very good in study but I am afraid if this will hamper her study.

    Your help would be appreciated.

    Asif Khan

  31. Do the different strengths matter for different symptoms? Which strengths are better for which symptoms, or are any of them OK for hypo or hyper symptoms or for any thyroid issue?

    1. http://www.arnica.com/about-arnica/homeopathy/understanding-homeopathic-drug-potency/

  32. Hi ma'am
    My daughter is 7 years old she has a lot of hair on her back , arms , and over lip . She feels really shy because of it ... Does thyrodinum would be helpful remedy for her ??

  33. Hi... my friend told me if take thyroidinum 12x you can loose weight is this trur?
    1 month 8 tablets and 2month gap
    3 month 6 again 2month gap
    5 month 4 2month gap
    7 month 2 2month gap
    Its true?
    Can i reduce weight from this tablets?
    Please reply as soon as possible
    I m 80kg girl and 28yr old please help n reply thank you

  34. Dear Suriya Osman

    I am a patient of hypothyroidism, taking thyroid supplement ELTROXIN 50mcg daily for last 3 years. I am writing to you with great hope that you will advice me a remedy that will bring permanent cure & allow me to get rid of Eltroxin tablets which I have to take daily.
    I am interested in taking Thyroidinum and also Bromium 6C, as came to know that 4 month use of these medication can bring permanent cure.
    My queries are very straightforward:
    1. Can I be cure with my ailment with homeopathic medication
    2. Suppose I started taking homeopathic medication, How long I have to take the medication. I dont want to take another life long medication as thyroxine supplement
    3. What will be side effect of the homeopath medication.
    4. If you dont mind, do you have past experience of successfully treating (curing) hypothyroid patient'?
    It will be my great pleasure, if you will reply to this message asap.

    Pawan Kumar
    (One of your Fan)

  35. Dear Suriya

    Please help me i am single mother who is very sick and my son injured in rugby he hurt his pituitary which caused hypothyroidism he on levothyroxine always sweaty getting black feevkles on face and no tip of nose is red. I bought thyroidinum 5ch and want to giv it to him instead of Levo. His doctor won't check t3 or other glands properly I want to Chan his med from Levo to thyroidinum please tell me how much and how thanks

  36. I use thyrodinium 3x from schwabe . Please tell is this useful for me+?
    My whatsapp number +919675897537

  37. Dear Suriya, i am suffering from hypothyroidism and the levels keep fluctuating. i am taking thyronorm between 125-137.5 MCgs as per the tsh levels. Please suggest if i can discontinue that and use thyroidinum 3x and if yes how much dosage.
    i am also asthamic and also am trying to conceive.

  38. nice blog
    thanks for sharing information.
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  39. so eschew iodine supplements and iodized salt. Primary sources of iodine: hydrocodone online

  40. I have had hypothyroidism since 12 years and was on thyroxine/ eltroxine 50 mcg. 5 years back i was also diagnosed with pcos and put on glucophage 500 mg , 4 tabs a day. I switched to homeopathy in july 2016 and was on sepia since. Though my levels are balanced however I've gained back all the weight i had lost on glucophage with exercise. My doctor has prescribed thyreodinum since a week but ive not lost a pound. He has asked me to repeat the dose. I just want to know if I'm on the right track because sometimes i get frustrated and yet am afraid to go back to conventional medicine. Please guide

  41. Hi Dr. Suriya: My TSH 0.95 and Free T4 is 13 - I was wondering if this indicates a problem because I am having difficulty losing weight despite of watching my diet and exercise. Are these numbers indicating Hypo or Hyperthyroidism.

    Please reply.
    Munawar Rasheed

  42. Salam,
    I am 32 years old male. Even though i eat less i am overweight. I also suffer from gynacomastia since childhood and greying of hairs since 18 years. I suffer from cold urticaria and general body edema from exertion that is worst in legs and after dining i burp a lot. What u suggest for me Doc?

  43. I read in the Material Medica that Thyroidium is listed to help rheumatoid arthritis. Have you had any success with this. If so is 30c or 200c okay to use? I also have Hashimotos, dry skin, falling hair. Thank you.

    1. http://www.arnica.com/about-arnica/homeopathy/understanding-homeopathic-drug-potency/

  44. Ethionamide is associated with growth retardation, central nervous system and skeletal abnormalities in early pregnancy. Its use is, therefore, not recommended in pregnancy.  click here

  45. How much is the dosage (how many pellets) of thyroidinum 30c for a 1 year old child?

    1. http://www.arnica.com/about-arnica/homeopathy/understanding-homeopathic-drug-potency/

      with such a young child why would you not contact a Homeopath? Search more on Google using "infant" "dosing" and other terms. Look also for how fast should I see results. My understanding is relief should be in days, if not get a Homeopath to adjust remedy or dose. Remember some Homeopathic remedies have diluted poisons so be VERY cautious with combination remedies for children; fever, teething, colic, etc. Please consult a professional before experimenting on someone other than yourself.

  46. Scope of Homeopathy Treatment in Allergy and Asthma- http://multicarehomeopathy.com/diseases/Scope-of-homeopathy-in-Allergic-rhinitis-and-bronchial-Asthma

  47. Doctor, your article is well written.
    I have hypothyroidism with TSH 14. My Homoeopathic doctor prescribed Thyroidinum 3x 2-2-2 together with a constitutional remedy and I have started taking them from today. After a month I shall reveal the result for the benefit of the readers.

  48. This blog is really very helpful, thanks for sharing this information
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